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The Next Big Player in DeFi, Nimbus Announces the Launch of Its Governance Token

The Next Big Player in DeFi, Nimbus Announces the Launch of Its Governance Token

March 10
00:00 2021

San Gwann, Malta – Nimbus, a DAO-governed platform that offers over 10 revenue streams for users based on tried-and-true financial tools, such as IPO participation – has announced the launch of its Governance Token, GNBU, on 10th of March 2021, 12 PM GMT.

This event shall finalize the nature of Nimbus as a truly decentralized ecosystem, where the governance of the platform – and its monetary results – are distributed between the GNBU holders.

Moreover, Nimbus has just announced it would get listed on a North American stock exchange by the end of 2021. This makes it twice as attractive to become a GNBU holder early on.

How can people benefit from this event?

Governance tokens show a stable history of success with many of them appreciating by thousands of percent in a very short timeframe. But Nimbus governance token GNBU offers several unique benefits to holders that make it stand out and sets it up for even bigger success:

1) Receiving over 10 revenue cuts from a diversified set of dApps:

As 50,000 users of the Nimbus platform have been anticipating, in the following month’s Nimbus will launch 4 new dApps. They will enable:

– Classic IPO participation through crypto

– Peer-to-peer lending for users with different risk appetite

– Startup financing with access to equity and convertible notes of future unicorns

– Crypto Arbitrage-Trading

All in all, these dApps shall generate more than 10 revenue streams for users – and GNBU holders will receive cuts from each.

Moreover, Nimbus dApps combines the time-honored tools of traditional finance with the best practices of DeFi. This means that, as a GNBU holder, your rewards and opportunities are diversified. This increases your benefits and enhances risk mitigation.

2) Voting on all essential aspects of the Nimbus platform:

GNBU holders will be able to decide on economic, technical, and governance-related matters of the platform. For example – change pool reward levels, transaction fees, burn tokens, and so on. This enables them to craft the Platform in the best community’s interest.

3) Trading GNBU at the exchange:

GNBU holders will be able to swap their tokens with NBU (Nimbus utility token), ETH, USDT, and other tokens, especially as it gets listed on more and more exchanges.

This allows users to further revamp their rewards not only by holding their GNBUs, but also by trading them.

4) Tapping into future Nimbus stock exchange listing:

As stated in Nimbus’ recent announcement, Nimbus is planning to get listed on a major North American stock exchange by the end of 2021. This would make Nimbus the first DeFi company to ever achieve that. As a result, GNBU holders should expect unprecedented opportunities at the crossroads of traditional capital markets and crypto.

As you can see, the launch of the GNBU token is a highly attractive event. This is also evident by the historical data of other DeFi governance tokens in the bullish market.

It is recommended to keep a close eye on the GNBU token launch on the 10th of March 2021, 12 pm GMT as it offers a desirable early mover advantage for all interested participants.

About Nimbus

Nimbus has been around in the crypto industry since 2019, when they accumulated a massive user base of 50,000 users through their innovative crypto arbitrage-trading bot. In 2020, Nimbus began its transformation into a DeFi ecosystem of four dApps based on time-honored tools, including IPO Hub dApp, Crowdfunding dApp, P2P Lending dApp, and Crypto Arbitrage-Trading dApp.

The launch of their utility token, NBU, was a major success with a market cap of $35mln reached within only 2 days after the release. GNBU launch will be their second much-anticipated milestone in 2021.

According to the roadmap, in the longer run Nimbus shall transform into a one-stop-shop consisting of even more revenue channels for their users.

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