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JENCO Offers Decentralized Arbitrage for the Unbanked

JENCO Offers Decentralized Arbitrage for the Unbanked

August 07
00:00 2020

Tokyo, Japan – Previously introduced at a webinar, Jubilee Energy and Commodities or JENCO is now getting its official introduction. This new business of the Jubilee Group is described by the company as its most significant venture into the finance industry yet. It targets a market that is considerably larger than the scope covered by the earlier Jubilee Group arbitrage system.


As the name implies, Jubilee Energy and Commodities entails trading in the field of energy and commodities. However, the Jubilee Group seeks to provide something innovative with the addition of cryptocurrency trading. By doing this, the company strives to offer something novel but practicable and viable.

The Jubilee Group acknowledges that competing with the dominant players in the global commodities market is an extremely tall order. A new company that is still establishing its client base, let alone its clout, will expectedly encounter difficulties. The challenges will be tough and punishing. Global giants, especially investment banks and established financial institutions in OPEC countries, will not allow any competitor to threaten their positions.

However, the Jubilee Group’s CEO, Tony Jackson, appears undaunted.  In a recent Zoom conference, Jackson expressed optimism for the new product announcement. “Our forward thinking and revolutionary approach have brought us to JENCO, our next major milestone,” Jackson said. In his usual spirited tone, he touted how the Jubilee Group has excelled with its offerings. Despite the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, Jackson is looking forward to a productive year.

“2020 will go down as a defining year for Jubilee Group. People have been expecting Jubilee Group to slow down after our explosive start. With the launch of JENCO, Aqua Labs and of course, our very own ecosystem token AQUAnite, we are making tremendous strides in shaping our future. Let us sprint so far ahead that our nearest competitor cannot see us,” Jackson exclaims.

The Jubilee Group CEO is particularly proud of what the company has accomplished in the field of financial technology or FinTech. He believes that the company has not only developed a system that benefits its business interests; it has also created something that can advance financial inclusion. The company is offering something that will extend financial services to the unbanked and underbanked.

According to the most recent information from the World Bank’s Global Findex Database, financial inclusion is on the rise. However, it still has a lot more room for improvement. FinTech is one of the solutions seen to help boost efforts in achieving the goals outlined in the plan of Universal Financial Access by 2020.

The Jubilee Group aims for a bigger market to offer more profit opportunities and higher profit margins. “We want to replace Wall Street with blockchain, and share the profits amongst the community,” says the Jubilee Group management. This effectively raises the level of opportunities and potential for earnings for anyone who wants to be part of the JENCO system.

Together with the rest of the Jubilee Group’s business leaders, Jackson expresses enthusiasm over what’s to come for JENCO. He has also hinted at an impending “revolutionary product launch that is unheard of in the market.”

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